About Faint Earth

What is Faint Earth?

Faint Earth is a TTRPG, or tabletop role-playing game, set on Earth. Things that shouldn't be are arriving, and you will have to play as the people caught in between the madness. Survive, explore, and make discoveries about the mysterious entities and powers that lurk in the unknown.

What is a tabletop role-playing game?

Gather with friends and play as a character in a fabricated world or situation. Faint Earth contains a variety of items, abilities, rules, guidelines, and adversaries for players to explore and overcome.

When can I play?

The game is still in development, but you might be able to get an early access during the public playtest. Currently there is no date set for a playtest.

What genre is Faint Earth?

Faint Earth has elements of adventure, horror, mystery, and fantasy. Each of those genres can be expressed equally or expressed in favor of a particular one.

What time period is Faint Earth based in?

Faint Earth takes place several centuries after the twisting of the world took place during the 21st Century.